More Gun Control? Why, When Strict Gun Control Laws Already Exist

The arguments for more gun control just don’t make sense. I regret the criminal actions of these people, the ruthless harming and taking of innocent lives, but I do not understand how more gun control, when it is already on the books in these places, will make us safer.

There are police in these areas also, but they can’t be everywhere to protect us from criminals.

So what should law abiding citizens do? Disarm? Why?

In Wake of Empire State Building Shooting, Will Politicians Finally Get Serious About Gun Control?
Amy Sullivan
August 24, 2012 Earlier this morning, a man with a gun opened fire outside the Empire State Building in busy downtown Manhattan. Last night, 19 people were shot across the city of Chicago in seven different incidents. Thirteen of those victims were shot within one 30-minute period. A man walked into the Washington, DC building that houses the Family Research Council last week and shot a security guard. At the beginning of this month, a white supremacist shot and killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, wounding four others. And we are barely one month removed from the horrific mass shooting that killed twelve and wounded a sickening 58 other people in a movie theater in Aurora, CO. . . .

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