Tennessee Guns Across America Rally Video – Gun Rights Activist and Author Nikki Goeser Speaks

Tennessee Guns Across America Rally Video – Gun Rights Activist and Author Nikki Goeser Speaks

Nikki is the author of Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband.

She is the victim of gun control laws that left her defenseless, allowing a criminal to walk in and shoot her husband to death right in front of her.

Watch and hear why she is now an activist for the Second Amendment.

“How gun control killed my husband” – an interview with Nikki Goeser

This is an excellent interview with Nikki Goeser, author of Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband.

Nikki Goeser had a life most people only dream about. She was married to a great guy named Ben, and they were deeply and genuinely in love. Attractive, intelligent, and determined, Nikki graduated from university with a degree in psychology, she worked at a local college by day, and, at night, Nikki and Ben ran a professional Karaoke company that provided entertainment for several of Nashville’s clubs and bars. Then, in one terrible moment on April 2, 2009, her life was changed forever.

Nikki first began to legally carry a gun after the kidnapping and murder of two University of Tennessee students in 2007, but, on that rainy April night two years later, she was forced to lock her gun in the glove compartment of her car due to the Tennessee law that forbade citizens with a carry permit from bringing their weapon into a restaurant or bar. Nikki was forced to watch in horror as a man who had been stalking her pumped six bullets from a .45 caliber pistol into Ben Goeser, ending his life and shattering Nikki’s existence.

Since that terrible day, Nikki has worked tirelessly to eliminate the dangerous no carry zones that protect no one and make it easier for criminals to victimize law abiding citizens. After a prolonged political battle, she was finally successful is getting the law changed in Tennessee, but the victory came with potentially fatal flaw. Restaurant and bar owners have the option of posting a sign making their premises a no carry zone; a move Nikki considers an open, public announcement to criminals that they have free reign to rob and pillage an establishment full of unarmed citizens. . . .

This is an excellent article with a detailed discussion of why gun control doesn’t work, and what we need to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

Read the complete interview with Nikki Goeser here.

Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband by Nicole Goeser

Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband by Nicole Goeser is a powerful story of what’s wrong with gun control. Gun control laws in Tennessee forced her to leave her gun in the car, forced her to be defenseless, when a stalker walked in and shot her husband to death right in front of her.

Gun control creates ‘gun free zones’, the favorite place for criminals and psychos to hunt their defenseless victims.

While some who have been victims of criminals who use guns have chosen to advocate for more gun control, Nicole chose to become a 2nd Amendment activist, fighting for the right to keep and bear arms.

Her book, Denied a Chance: How gun control helped a stalker murder my husband , is available on Amazon.

Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns by Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck’s new book, Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns, offers an up-to-date look at the current climate regarding gun rights and gun control. It is a short book with lots of current quotes by many well-known individuals who are in the debate over gun control. He attempts to confront the many misconceptions (background checks) and outright lies (AR-15) about guns and the Second Amendment that are bandied about in the media.

From Amazon’s blurb:

History has proven that guns are essential to self-defense and liberty—but tragedy is a powerful force and has led many to believe that guns are the enemy, that the Second Amendment is outdated, and that more restrictions or outright bans on firearms will somehow solve everything.

Glenn reveals who is saying what. Great price on Amazon.

Read Control: Exposing the Truth About Guns and prepare to defend your second amendment rights.

Man Fatally Shoots Two Armed Men In Self-Defense During Apartment Invasion – One Suspect Flees

Three armed men invaded an apartment and were met by an armed citizen. There were several family members present, the man, his wife, four children and an uncle. Two of the three invaders were fatally shot and died at the scene. One suspect fled. Watch the video on the page. The man’s young son thought his father was going to die. He considers his dad a hero.

How can anyone believe that disarming law-abiding citizens will lead to greater citizen safety or a more peaceful society? I can’t imagine it. If I were a criminal and thought I might meet an armed citizen, I would seriously consider whether it would be worth the effort to break into the home. It acts as a deterrent.

Read more about the story here.

Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens by Clayton E. Cramer and David Burnett

Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens is a short book on the very important topic of the defensive use of guns and firearms. The authors, Clayton E. Cramer and David Burnett, have compiled a convincing record of what it means to have an armed society of law-abiding citizens.

The executive summary of the book states:

This special publication uses an extensive collection of news reports from over an eight-year period to survey the circumstances and outcomes of defensive gun uses in America. Federal and state lawmakers often oppose repealing or amending laws governing the ownership or carrying of guns. That opposition is often based on assumptions that the average citizen is incapable of successfully employing a gun in self-defense or that possession of a gun in public will tempt people to violence in contentious situations.

Those assumptions, illustrated in this report, are false. Such cases are an exceedingly small minority of gun uses by otherwise law-abiding citizens and a great number of tragedies-murders, rapes, assaults, robberies-have been thwarted by self-defense gun uses. The vast majority of gun owners are ethical and competent – and thousands of crimes are prevented each year by ordinary citizens with guns.

This report’s analysis begins with an overview of the academic studies that have tried to estimate the frequency of defensive gun uses. It then examines recent legal issues and trends surrounding the law of self defense, and then explores the manner and circumstances in which people use guns against criminals.

This paper also examines instances of gun use in self-defense in order to provide a better understanding of their character. When ordinary Americans use guns in self defense, what is the nature of that use? How frequently do these events occur and what are the consequences? Finally, a lengthy Appendix provides scores of documented examples in which ordinary people have used guns to defend themselves.

The book is available for purchase from Cato here.

On the same page as above you can read the book (60 pgs) online for free via Scribd.

Here is the direct SCRIBD link to Tough Targets: When Criminals Face Armed Resistance from Citizens. The book has a wealth of information on self-defense.

Highly recommended.

Colorado Gun Control Laws Face Opposition

Colorado’s new gun control laws are facing significant opposition. The laws require universal background checks and limited capacity ammunition magazines.

Colorado’s new gun control laws go into effect Monday in spite of continued political opposition and legal challenges against the regulations.

The two laws — one imposing universal background checks on gun purchases and one limiting most ammunition magazines to 15 rounds — were inspired in part by the horrific mass shooting in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater that took place nearly a year ago. Gov. John Hickenlooper, D-Colo., signed the measures into law in March, after the Democratic-controlled state legislature passed the measures with no Republican support.

In Colorado, the struggles over gun control mirror the national debate, which has all but died even as activists push Congress to enact federal background check expansions. Earlier this year, Mr. Obama traveled to Colorado to call the state “a model of what’s possible” when it comes to gun control.

Nevertheless, the new rules were met with skepticism, anger and concern in Colorado, where gun ownership is common. Gun dealers say the new laws spurred residents to buy guns and magazines before the new laws took effect, and the figures on background checks back that up, the Denver Post reported: The state processed 71 percent more background checks from January to May of this year than it did over the same time frame in 2012. . . .

An interesting development is that a group of Colorado sheriffs from 54 of the state’s 64 counties are participating in a lawsuit to challenge the new gun control laws.

Read more on Colorado’s gun control laws here.