GunOwners of America – Senator Moran Seeks to Repudiate UN Small Arms Treaty

GunOwners of America – Senator Moran Seeks to Repudiate UN Small Arms Treaty

Although John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Treaty, other senators who better understand our history, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment, are seeking to repudiate the treaty. Senator Moran is now circulating a letter for that purpose. Senator Moran cites the extensive work that Gun Owners of America has done to reveal what the UN Small Arms Treaty is about. It is wrong, and it does undermine our sovereignty.

“[GOA’s Larry] Pratt also contends that the U.N. has a terrible track record in protecting human life. He said the horrors in Rwanda are a perfect example of why the U.N. has no business deciding who should and should not have access to guns.” — WorldNetDaily, June 2013

When you’re dealing with an adversary who hates the 2nd Amendment as much as Barack Obama, you have to fight attacks coming from several different directions.

We know we’ve thrown a lot at you lately. But there’s one other issue we’d like to bring to your attention.

As you know, the Obama administration recently signed the virulently anti-gun UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

Although purporting to regulate international trade in arms, the treaty empowers anti-gun administrations (such as Barack Obama’s) to institute internal gun control, including gun bans, gun registration, and more. In fact, the drafters of the treaty made no secret of their goal of imposing measures such as microstamping on countries like the United States.

GOA’s legislative counsel has done a word-by-word analysis of the treaty, which can be seen here. If left unchecked, the treaty language will give rise a wide ranging series of gun control restrictions, as mentioned above. . . .

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