Robber With Gun Chased Off By Clerk With Machete

Robber With Gun Chased Off By Clerk With Machete

The robber probably wasn’t expecting to see the clerk pull out a machete in self defense, a rather intimidating looking weapon, for sure. But he did and the robber fled. If you go to the site there is a short video of the incident.

. . . The surveillance video shows the man holding a bag open with one hand while pointing a gun with the other. Police reportedly said the suspect fired one shot into the wall.

The employee, who seemed unfazed, pulled a large machete from under the counter and chased the would-be robber out of the store.

The store owner told the station she got the machete a month ago and that her store has been broken into at least a dozen times.

The suspect is described by police as a young black man with a thin build, about 5’10” tall. He was reportedly wearing a gray mask, black top with stripes on the sleeves, dark pants and black and white sneakers.

Police say the suspect was armed with a .22 caliber pistol. . . .

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