Supreme Court Considers Straw Gun Purchases

Supreme Court Considers Straw Gun Purchases

In this case the Supreme Court will consider whether purchasing a gun with the intent of reselling to another person, all done legally, is a ‘straw gun’ purchase. Emily Miller states the following:

The Supreme Court decided Tuesday to hear the case of a Virginia man who bought a gun for his uncle and was then convicted of committing a “straw purchase.” The high court will determine whether it is a crime to buy a gun with the intent to resell to another lawful person.

Arguments for Abramski v. United States will take place in January. Bruce Abramski, a retired police officer, bought a handgun for his elderly uncle because he could get it at discount as former law enforcement. Mr. Abramski checked the box on the federal background check form that said he was the “actual buyer.” . . .

This will be a very important case.

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