California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban

California Governor Jerry Brown Vetoes Semi-Automatic Rifle Ban

Governor Brown had 18 gun-related bills on his desk, and although he vetoed this particular bill, he signed 11 others into law. Had he signed this particular bill, it would have banned sales of most semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines. I just can’t imagine how doing that would reduce crime. Apparently the governor agrees, but how many lawmakers were pushing to get this through? Do they understand what they are doing?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill Friday that would have imposed the nation’s toughest gun ownership restrictions on Californians, saying it was too far-reaching.

The legislation would have banned future sales of most semi-automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines, part of a firearms package approved by state lawmakers in response to mass shootings in other states.

It was lawmakers’ latest attempt to close loopholes that have allowed manufacturers to work around previous assault weapon bans. Gun rights groups had threatened to sue if the semi-automatic weapons ban became law.

“I don’t believe that this bill’s blanket ban on semi-automatic rifles would reduce criminal activity or enhance public safety enough to warrant this infringement on gun owners’ rights,” the Democratic governor wrote in his veto message.

He also noted that California already has some of the nation’s strictest gun and ammunition laws. . . .

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California’s Gun Grab – Gun Control on Steroids

California’s Gun Grab – Gun Control on Steroids

These new gun control bills, if they are signed into law, will impact everything related to firearms, ammunition, and as the article claims, even hunting. If these do become law, I hope folks are able to fight back as they did in Colorado and recall the politicians who are doing this to the general public.

Breaking new ground in the state-level battle over firearms, the Democratic-dominated California state legislature has taken gun control into uncharted territory with a flurry of new bills that target not just firearms and ammunition, but also recreational hunting.

Among the dozen gun-control bills sitting on California Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk are measures that would outlaw lead ammunition for hunting as well as common types of hunting rifles under the umbrella of an assault-weapons ban. Taken together, the measures go far beyond the efforts that have inspired a sharp backlash and political battles in states such as Connecticut and Colorado.

To put the lead bill in context, about 95 percent of all ammunition sold in California contains lead. The alternative is metal bullets, some of which can pierce police armor and are banned by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Critics say the bill would effectively end hunting as a sport in California.

“If California outlaws lead bullets, the federal government already outlaws everything else, so there’s nothing left for hunters to use,” said California Assemblyman Brian Jones, a Republican from Santee. “It basically outlaws hunting.” . . . “

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U.S. Judge Backs ATF Multiple Rifle Sales Reporting Requirements

U.S. Judge Backs ATF Multiple Rifle Sales Reporting Requirements

This is considered a win for the anti-gun Obama administration. If anyone has followed the scandalously failed efforts of the ATF’s “Fast and Furious” plan to allow straw purchases of guns, one wonders what this legislation will actually achieve. Gun rights organizations opposed it, but to no avail at this point.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Friday, in a victory for the Obama administration, upheld new federal rules requiring gun dealers in four states bordering Mexico to report the sales of multiple semi-automatic rifles, despite a challenge by the gun industry.

The administration issued the reporting requirements last year despite opposition from the gun industry as part of a stepped-up effort to clamp down on the weapons flowing across the border to violent drug cartels in Mexico.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ordered more than 8,000 gun dealers in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California to report the sale within five business days of two or more semiautomatic rifles to the same person.

That includes rifles with a caliber greater than .22 and with the ability to accept a detachable magazine.

Mexican officials have complained bitterly about guns coming illegally from the United States. Tens of thousands of Mexicans have been killed in the drug wars since 2006 when Mexico’s government decided to take on the cartels.

Judge Rosemary Collyer, appointed to the bench by Republican President George W. Bush, found that the ATF’s requirement was sufficiently narrowly tailored and that it was rational by focusing on the states that border Mexico.

“Congress has effected a delicate balance between ATF’s regulation of firearms and the right to privacy held by lawful firearms owners,” Collyer wrote in a 21-page ruling. The ATF’s reporting requirement “did not disturb that balance.” . . .

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Gun Owners & Hunters Actively Support Conservation Efforts – Bill Gaines, Bill Gaines, president of the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA)

Gun Owners & Hunters Actively Support Conservation Efforts – Bill Gaines, president of the California Outdoor Heritage Alliance (COHA)

Bill Gaines responds in the SacBee to a previous editorial (Dec 4 2011) that apparently misrepresented California Hunters. He provides solid facts to demonstrate that most hunters (gun owners) are law-abiding and do not just seek to defend their Second Amendment rights, as some have accused. Those gun owners who hunt are also actively involved in numerous conservation efforts.

. . . COHA is an alliance of organizations, outdoor industry and individuals who care deeply about wildlife conservation and the future of our hunting heritage. COHA does fight hard alongside the National Rifle Association to protect the Second Amendment rights of Californians. But our primary focus is on policy that promotes habitat for wildlife, confronts poaching, and provides enhanced hunting opportunity for California’s public. As just one example, this year COHA sponsored state legislation to significantly increase penalties for poaching violations (Assembly Bill 1162). In the past three years alone, COHA has successfully sponsored and passed into law three other bills which promote habitat conservation and our wildlife resources – a record unequaled by any other environmental or wildlife organization. . .

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Governor Brown Signs Bill Prohibiting Open Carry Handguns in California

Governor Brown Signs Bill Prohibiting Open Carry Handguns in California

Sorry to hear about the further erosion of the Second Amendment in California.

A new ban signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown prohibiting the open carry of handguns in public could lead to an unintended proliferation of rifles and other long guns in public if gun enthusiasts continue to fight for their Second Amendment rights.

. . . Gun advocates and most Republican lawmakers have criticized the law, saying it targets law-abiding citizens. State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia, said Brown sent the message that he has no respect for the Constitution.

“There are risks to living in a free state, and for the governor to take away and chisel away at the Second Amendment right when he claimed to respect it, it just kind of shows his true colors,” Donnelly said.

“It’s really a form of tyranny,” he said of the ban.

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