John Lott – Serious [and Unanswered] Questions Remain About Guntracing and the “Fast and Furious” Operation

John Lott – Serious [and Unanswered] Questions Remain About Guntracing and the “Fast and Furious” Operation

One has to appreciate John Lott’s analysis and comparison of Bush’s Wide Receiver operation and Obama’s “Fast and Furious.” They are very different in how they were handled. Lott also points out that some major media stories from the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal have missed this absolutely critical distinction. Lott’s questions are in the third paragraph of the quote below, and he asks “Why?”. One possible answer is that Fast and Furious might have been designed to help bring in more gun control laws in the USA. That is rather disturbing to think about it.

. . . A widely run Associated Press story last week by Pete Yost pointed out that both the Bush and Obama programs involved “gun-walking.” Yet somehow Yost managed to leave out the very central point about tracing. Other articles, such as those in the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal, have likewise left out this important point.

What is really missed by all this is the utter failure of gun tracing programs. The problem isn’t really that the Obama administration simply screwed up the tracing plan. Few guns move from the U.S. to Mexico and just as drug cartels bring in drugs from other countries, they can bring in the weapons that they need to protect those drugs. Mexican drug cartels aren’t getting their machine guns, grenades, and rocket launchers from the United States.

Why would the Obama administration not trace the guns? Why would they not inform Mexican officials about the program? One hopes that it was sheer incompetence combined with a desire to stonewall any investigation, but the fact that people knew that the guns weren’t being traced raises questions even about this plan.

The only other possibility — deliberately increasing the number of guns sold to increase the share of crime guns in Mexico from the United States and thus generate support for more gun control — is conceivable if only because “Fast and Furious” started at the same time that Obama began his campaign falsely claiming that most Mexican crime guns came from the United States.

We can only hope that even for the Obama administration that scenario is too cynical to be possible.

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