Mayors Against Illegal Guns – How Effective Are They?

Mayors Against Illegal Guns – How Effective Are They?

The MAIG group’s mission, according to their web site is:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a national, bipartisan coalition of mayors working to make America’s communities safer by keeping illegal guns out of dangerous hands. Co-founded in 2006 by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, the coalition has grown from a committed group of 15 members to more than 1,000 mayors from 46 states, including Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, from major cities and small towns around the country.

It appears that their research and gun violence statistics might be incorrect in a couple of areas. John Lott points out the MAIG includes the following in their gun violence numbers:

. . . they list all cases where a police officer or civilian fatally shot a criminal as victims. They also listed all suicides as victims of gun violence, completely oblivious to the fact that research shows that these individuals would have committed suicide some other way. It might also be nice to differentiate gang shootings from other deaths. . .

Read more at John Lott’s site.

Why would they include criminals who were shot by civilians or police officers in their numbers? They also include suicides, and as Lott mentions, folks committing suicide can find alternative ways to do so, whether or not they have a gun. Another area that Lott mentions with regard to the MAIG gun violence research and numbers is not differentiating gang shootings.

I can only imagine that those additional deaths will inflate their numbers and skew their results. How unfortunate for the general public who often rely on these organizations to protect them. Make sure you get a second opinion with regard to the gun violence numbers that are used, as John Lott does.

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Communists Supports Obama’s Gun Control Policies

Communists Supports Obama’s Gun Control Policies

The nonsense in the article is almost too much to bear. Common sense proposals for gun law reform? Sure. Everything Washington D.C. does these is ‘common sense’, and that is why our country is sliding into the abyss.

In the wake of the Newtown massacre, polls show the great majority of Americans are now insisting that the ability to live free from the fear or threat of gun violence is a fundamental democratic right – one that far supercedes any so-called personal gun rights allegedly contained in the Second Amendment.

In fact, the right-wing extremists opposing all efforts to curb gun violence are the same forces that rallied behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, hoping to undermine every other democratic right as well as the living standards of workers and ordinary Americans. It is for that reason, as well as the need to protect public safety, that the same coalition of labor and its allies that worked so hard and effectively to re-elect President Barack Obama must now go all-out to back his common sense proposals for gun law reform.

As Obama has charged, the extremists recklessly “gin up fear” that the government is coming to take away hunting rifles and personal weapons owned for legitimate self-defense. Led by the hate-mongering leadership of the National Rifle Association, they use a totally fraudulent and only very recent interpretation of the Second Amendment which they falsely claim as necessary for protecting every other freedom contained in the Bill of Rights. . . .

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Gun Rights and Drugs – The Government Must Prove the Case that Drugs are Linked to Gun Violence

Gun Rights and Drugs – The Government Must Prove the Case that Drugs are Linked to Gun Violence

Reason magazine discusses the issue of drug use and gun rights. Interesting article, worth a read.

The Federal Criminal Appeals blog reports on a decision from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding when the government can use drug possession as an excuse to deny weapons-possession rights. In short, it can’t just assert that there is a good reason to bar drug users from guns: it has to try to prove it. But the Court also seems to think such proof won’t be too hard.

Let’s take a walk through the decision to see what happened and why the Fourth Circuit decided as it did:. . . .

Read more here at Reason magazine.

Reason also discussed in a December article the issue of marijuana users and gun rights.

Read it here.

“Guns and Violence” by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

“Guns and Violence” by Miguel A. Faria, Jr., MD

Faria is a doctor, and although the article was written a few years ago, he documents the problems associated with both society’s and the medical establishment’s wrong view of guns and violence. As a parent, I fully agree with Dr. Faria’s conclusions about the importance of solid families, a child’s upbringing (education, even about guns), and the resulting behavior. The article is still valid. I hope you will click through and read it.

The role of gun violence and street crime in the United States and the world is currently a subject of great debate among national and international organizations, including the United Nations. Because the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the individual right of American citizens to own private firearms, availability of firearms is greater in the U.S. than the rest of the world, except perhaps in Israel and Switzerland.

His article discusses and documents:

    ‘Easy’ Gun Availability

    Public Health Gun Control Debate

Gun violence is an aspect of criminology and not of medicine. Guns and bullets are not virulent pathogens but inanimate objects that are wielded by individuals who should be held accountable when they misuse them.

    Citizenship and the Beneficial Aspect of Gun Ownership
    Suicide, Accidental Shootings, Children and Guns
    Gun Violence and Civil Liberties — International Perspective

Read “Guns and Violence” here.

The Latest in STUPID Gun Violence – YouTube commentary on Gun Violence

The Latest in STUPID Gun Violence – YouTube commentary on Gun Violence

The author speaks of the stupid individuals who shoot others with their guns, and no doubt, so much of that is senseless. But, the author makes some unusual claims in the process.

In the third paragraph below the author claims “Did you know that every two years we lose more Americans to gun violence than we lost during the entire Vietnam War?”

Is that so? Well, according to Wikipedia, which although it isn’t perfect is an easy source to check the facts, the total deaths in Vietnam were: 58,272 KIA.

And, also according to Wikipedia, “The majority of gun-related deaths in the United States are suicides,[5] with 17,352 (55.6%) of the total 31,224 firearm-related deaths in 2007 due to suicide, while 12,632 (40.5%) were homicide deaths.[6]” Firearms-related deaths

The author’s claims do not add up.

The Youtube link is below. Please feel free to comment.

Uploaded by armyveteran101st on Sep 6, 2011
How many stupid fatal shootings is it going to take for this country to understand that the wide availability of guns for virtually anyone increases violence instead of reducing it?

Today we had a guy walk into an IHop in Nevada with an AK-47. He killed two and wounded eight, most of them members of the Nevada National Guard. Yesterday we had a 17 year-old walk into a house party in New York with a handgun. He killed or wounded seven or eight youngsters.

The day before that we had another similar incident somewhere in this country, and the day before that, and the day before that too. Did you know that every two years we lose more Americans to gun violence than we lost during the entire Vietnam War?

I am not anti-gun. I am an Army veteran, my father was a cop, and I have been around guns most of my life. I am trained on how to use them properly and on the consequences of not doing so, but that’s not the case with everybody. Yes, we have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but we also have a vital responsibility to keep them away from those who refuse to abide by the rules of responsible firearm ownership.

We cannot keep allowing eight to ten Americans to be killed by guns every single day just so that we can proudly say that we have gun rights. This is irrational!

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – Find Reports on OpenSecrets.Org

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – Find Reports on OpenSecrets.Org

Great resource to learn more about the gun lobbying efforts taking place in Washington DC. You can link through to the site below. From there just click on the various tabs to see what is taking place. It appears their spending is down from previous years, which according to the site is an indication of the importance it receives right now in Washington. Is that a good sign, no spending, or less spending on Stop Gun Violence? Seems to be for those who are pro-gun and understand that some of the violence is a direct result of bad policy, ie, disarming people who need protection.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence read more info here about their lobbying and spending efforts