Oklahoma Castle Doctrine – Mother Shoots Home Invader in Self-Defense

Oklahoma Castle Doctrine – Mother Shoots Home Invader in Self-Defense

The Christian Science Monitor article mentions the Oklahoma mother’s case, and her legitimate use of lethal force in killing the home invader to protect her child. The article also discusses other ‘Castle Doctrine’ cases, and how the Castle Doctrine has gradually expanded over time giving homeowners and citizens the right to use force, lethal if necessary, to defend themselves from home invaders and attackers. I’m glad the rights of homeowners are growing to include this. Criminals should take note.

Sarah McKinley, the Oklahoma mom who shot and killed an intruder after asking a 911 operator if it was okay to shoot, was cleared of wrongdoing Thursday. Also this week police declined to bring charges against a Pennsylvania man who killed a romantic rival with a bow and arrow. And in South Carolina, a woman who shot a homeless person squatting in an empty rental home was also not charged.

As these cases show, the so-called “castle doctrine” is being tested in a variety of new ways, as states have steadily expanded the rights of citizens to protect their homes and property.

After Florida’s passage of a castle doctrine law in 2005, 31 states followed suit and now protect the right of homeowners to defend their property from intruders. And the expansion of such laws continue. . . .

The article continues with discussion of the Second Amendment.

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