Texas Castle Doctrine – What Does It Mean?

Texas Castle Doctrine – What Does It Mean?

Important article that all gunowners in Texas need to understand. You want to be clear about the ‘Castle Doctrine’ and when you can legitimately use lethal force to protect yourself.

Friday morning’s shooting has raised questions about homeowners’ rights when it comes to protecting themselves.

Under Texas law, a homeowner can shoot and kill an intruder, but there has to be a reason.

Robert Powell is a firearms instructor certified by the National Rifle Association. He teaches at the “Best of the West” shooting range in Liberty Hill. For him, a loaded gun serves not only as protection, but as a right he’s proud to have.

Under a rarely-used legal defense called the’ Castle Doctrine,’ a person has a right to shoot and kill an intruder.

“The intent should not be to kill, but to stop the threat,” Powell said.

Criminal Defense Lawyer David Sheppard said the doctrine is not always clear cut. The law is designed to protect a person during a home invasion or violent attack, but the shooter will likely have to justify why the trigger was pulled. If a jury doesn’t buy it, they could face murder charges. . . .

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